Fresh. Simple. Homemade.

It is our mission to always provide fresh, simple, homemade recipes and to make your experience with us as relaxing and stress free as possible. We know whatever your event is, big or small, it is important to you and therefore, important to us.

Our goal is to create a menu based on your particular wants and needs. We provided a Menu page as our own introduction to the types of food we have already created for our clients. We would love to cook up any of our menu items we have listed, but we also enjoy stepping away from our list and working with you to provide a unique and innovative menu just for your important event.

For more information on our catering process, visit our How to Plan page, which has been provided to help you learn more about what it takes to carry out a tastefully wonderful event.

History: Then and Now

When the master-mind behind Flair of Country Catering and Event Planning, Corey Crocco, entertained the idea of developing a catering company he knew he wanted it to be unique and offer something different to the people of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. In the beginning, Corey started out by catering part-time. This gave the people of Johnstown a chance to experience his food and allowed Corey to further expand and establish his vision for his company. At this time the majority of Corey’s menus were prepared using only a grill. This is actually how the name Flair of Country (FOC) originated; it is based off of the style of cooking Corey had become accustomed to. He admired the various flavors he could bring out of meats and vegetables by cooking everything on a grill. Corey continued to get requests for menus that one would typically find down south, which quickly gave him the reputation of Johnstown’s “BBQ man.” While continuing to use and develop his own “flair” of a southern country cooking style, FOC was born and our Grassroots Menu was established.

FOC’s Mobile Kitchen:

In order to expand business and to continue cooking up fresh, homemade and simple foods on-site – regardless of the cooking space, weather, or number of people to prepare for, Corey decided to implement a mobile kitchen into his business plan. This uniquely designed mobile kitchen is an 8.5’ x 24’ bumper pull trailer that gives FOC the chance to offer a variety of unique and fresh menus, as well as cook in the middle of a field if that is where your event takes us. Yes, you read that correctly, we can cook anywhere! Our trailer is a fully sustainable kitchen with its own power and water.