Covid-19: Weddings

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Weddings During Covid-19: We’re working on plans B&C!

When you pick Flair of Country to cater for your wedding it is not a job we take lightly. We are so happy that you have stuck with us through this uncertain time, when we have few answers for you. We are truly honored that you have chosen us to be a part of your special day.

Anyone who has had any part in planning a wedding (bride, groom, parent, member of the bridal party…) will tell you, nothing ever goes 100% as planned. Unexpected snowstorms come through. Couples think their venue provides their officiant, but they don’t. Bridesmaids drink a little too much on the party bus. Marriage licenses are forgotten on the kitchen table. Flair of Country has seen it all, and things always seem to just – work out.

With thousands of events under our belt, we’ve witnessed our share of wedding woes, and have done what we can behind the scenes to make sure no one notices if you move to plan B, or even C. In the grand scheme of things, if you say “I do” to the right person using their correct name, everything else will fall into place.

Our hearts truly go out to every couple trying to plan their wedding right now. Planning your “best day ever” is stressful enough, let alone during a global pandemic. The coronavirus crisis and its impact on weddings has certainly put our industry to the test. Rest assured, our team is up for the challenge! We are ready to do whatever it takes to make your wedding happen while maneuvering through the guidelines set before us.

As local jurisdictions and ordinances begin to loosen their restrictions and guidelines surrounding social gatherings, we will follow suit and adapt by having a new plan that coincides. We always keep the safety of you, your guests and our team at the forefront. Here are some of the ways Flair of Country can make your event happen within these unforeseen circumstances.

Our Plan B: Intimate “I Dos”

While this may not be the original wedding you had planned, picture this… the people who mean the most to you gathered together in a dreamy, intimate setting while you promise your life to your best friend. And isn’t that what is most important?! Society has painted a picture of the “dream wedding” as a huge, extravagant affair. But every wedding day, big or small, ends the same way, with you beginning your next chapter as husband and wife. We are dreaming of romantic evenings, good food, soft music and love. If 2020 was your year, make it your year!

While inviting everyone you (and your parents) know can be fun, there is some serious benefits of an intimate wedding. The biggest of which is making memories with everyone present. Also, a smaller gathering will allow for a larger budget to work with. Buy those shoes you were dreaming of. Treat your guests to an extra special meal. Throw a huge party next year with all those you would have invited. Put a down payment on that house! With a smaller guest list, you will have much more cash to work with.

If you choose to have an intimate wedding and need to have fewer guests, you will want to let your guests know that your event is not happening as planned. Rest assured, they will understand as everyone is informed about the COVID-19 crisis.

We have developed a package just for our 2020 couples who are facing big changes in their wedding plans. We are here to do everything we can to help you through all of this. Our package includes everything you need to have a great meal after your intimate ceremony. We’ve also included added amenities, outside of our menu, to make planning a little easier for you.

Our Plan C: Same Wedding, New Date!

Please know that we are doing everything we can to work with you on rescheduling your big day. Our 2021 wedding calendar is quickly filling up with weddings intended for 2021 and some that were originally scheduled for 2020. Please know that as much as we would love to cater every wedding, we have to make sure that we are able to make your date work. There are a lot of things we have to look into such as availability of our mobile kitchens, staff and equipment, your menu and your guest count that will determine if we are able to reschedule your wedding on your preferred date. Staying flexible, such as considering days other than Saturday or an off-season date, will make it more likely you can keep the same vendors. And yes, your guests WILL come!

If we are unable to reserve a date for your wedding, please keep in mind that Flair of Country may be available to cater your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch!

In addition to our availability, we are facing a larger mystery. The catering industry as a whole has been left completely in the dark as to when and how we will be able to begin catering weddings again. We hope that we will be back to “life as usual” soon, but we know as much as you do. If your rescheduled wedding approaches and we are still under tight restrictions, we will do our best to reserve another date, but again can make no promises.

We know that this isn’t easy! There is so much effort and money that goes into planning a wedding, and we are doing everything we can to provide the wedding you originally dreamed of. While we are all new to this situation, here is our best advice…

“Make the call”
Ultimately, it is you and your partner’s choice to postpone, and you have to make the decision that is right for you.

Tag in your loved ones
See how your close family is feeling about postponing or keeping your date (Would they be able to attend at a later date? Would they feel comfortable attending on your original date? Are they healthy?)

Just Breathe
Fall into your future Mr. or Mrs. during these challenging times. Consider this the first hurdle in your marriage and use your partner for support. At the same time, do not allow the stress of this situation to over shadow what is important. Allow yourself to feel all the same feels that you would if we weren’t in this situation.

Reach out to your venue and other important vendors
Find out what each of your vendors are doing to reschedule. Keep in mind that they are likely a small business facing a lot of stress as well. We are all hoping to help each couple through this!

Save a NEW date
While this sounds impossible, you can do it! If you can find one date that overlaps with most of your vendors, you should try to lock it down ASAP. As we mentioned, our dates are quickly booking up!

Ultimately, whenever or wherever your wedding takes place, your loved ones will be there to support you. Until then, just enjoy being engaged to your best friend for a little longer.

Flair of Country catered our wedding and did an AMAZING job. Thank you to every member of the crew that was working! The food was sooo good! Everything was so professional and beautiful!

Kate & Brad

Thank you for making a wonderful meal for our reception! Our guests all had great things to say about the food. The best man and one of the other groomsmen said they had never been to a wedding where the food was that good. We would definitely recommend your catering service to family and friends. We really enjoyed working with you guys. Thank you so much again for your hard work and helpfulness.

Liz & Josh

Flair of Country really out did yourself at our open house at The Ridge!!! Got so many compliments on the food... Will definitely use you again. Thanks for a job well done!

Susan, Mother of the Bride

Thank you so much Corey and Mindi for planning and preparing our wedding reception dinner! You were both so wonderful at communicating and coordinating with us, and our food was absolutely delicious! We will continue to recommend you! Thank you so much!

Heather & Jason

Flair of Country gets a 5 out of 5 stars !!! We had our wedding this weekend and almost everyone said it was the best food they have ever had at a wedding. We wanted BBQ and man did they nail it. From the food to the service and even the price we could not have asked for anything more. THANK YOU !!!!

Marissa & Greg

Corey and Mindi were a dream to work with for our wedding reception. From our first meeting and our need to stay within a specific budget, they did everything they could to work with us and make our day as special as we imagined! People are still raving about how fantastic the food was at the reception. We keep looking for another reason to book them again!

Alicia & Sean

Flair of Country Catering was a great choice for our wedding! Mindi and Corey are amazing! I literally just had to tell them what we wanted and they took care of the rest. They stayed within our budget, were prompt in responding to emails and phone calls and were well organized on the day of the wedding. The food was delicious! All of our guests commented on how good everything tasted. I recommend the garlic lime chicken! Yummy!


Flair of Country was recommended to us from our venue coordinator Kevin Leonardis. We had never tasted the food before our wedding day, but read some great reviews. We were not disappointed! The food was so fresh and delicious. The chicken bruschetta is absolutely amazing, I highly recommend. We got so many compliments on the food. It was not your traditional wedding food which was great. Lots of flavor and variety. Mindi and Cory were wonderful to work with and their staff was great and friendly.


Flair of Country catered a dinner reception for my daughter’s wedding. The food was absolutely delicious and enjoyed by ALL! The owner Corey Crocco, was very professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend FOC for all your catering needs!

Christine Wenslau

Flair of Country Catering was a great choice for our wedding! Mindi and Corey are amazing! I literally just had to tell them what we wanted and they took care of the rest. They stayed within our budget, were prompt in responding to emails and phone calls and were well organized on the day of the wedding. The food was delicious! All of our guests commented on how good everything tasted. I recommend the garlic lime chicken! Yummy!


The service was fantastic. The food was better than the best. All guests ate well and said several times how good the food was. The portions were generous. I would recommend FOC to everyone and have them again. Love, Love, Love the food! Thank you so much, you made our event memorable!

Joann,Surprise Birthday Party Delivery

Thank you so much for the amazing catering for our daughter-in-law's baby shower! The food was delicious and the presentation was awesome! Everyone loved it!


y’alls BBQ was just as good if not better! How y’all were able to tie Yuengling beer into Mac and Cheese I’ll never know, but thank the good Lord y’all figured out a way! Every one of our guests was extremely pleased with the food.